Mulligatawny Phil, I mean stew.

Mulligatawny Stew is a dish that I have loved for years, and five years ago I decided to put it on our menu. It’s a little creamy, warmly spiced with garam masala and yellow curry, and balanced with a few sweet apples that are added once it’s finished cooking. I love it! When I got the idea to finally make it, I was telling a buddy of mine about my grand plan of putting it on the menu the week of Groundhog’s Day. When he asked why Groundhog’s Day, I said, “BecauseĀ of Mulligatawny Phil. You know, the groundhog in the movie Groundhog’s Day.” He looked at me like I was a complete idiot, started laughing and said, “You know it’s Punxsutawney Phil, right?”. Oh, yeah. Well, I put it on there anyway and this week is it’s 5 anniversary on the menu. I hope you enjoy it.