Family Favorites

When my wife and I first started experimenting with Paleo foods, we were fascinated by all the different ingredients and bold flavors: almond and coconut flours, agave, almond butter, and on and on. We made all kinds of meals, some flops, and some new favorites, including Mark Sisson’s Moroccan Chicken Casserole, paleoOMG’s Cilantro Chicken Nuggets(we have kids), Health Bent’s Paleo Pizza Salad, and Elana Amsterdam’s almond flour Silver Dollar Pancakes.

After a while, we started to crave some of our old favorites. We discovered some were already Paleo or with just a couple easy tweaks could be. Many of these favorite recipes we offer on our menu today, including Spaghetti (use spaghetti squash for noodles), Beef Bourguignon (still amazing without butter or flour to thicken), Beef Stroganoff (use coconut milk instead of cream), meat loaf of all kinds (use almond flour instead of oatmeal), and lasagna (no cheese, and sweet potato slices for noodles). These new, evolved recipes, have taken the place of the old, and we love them just as much—we hope you do, too.

If you’ve got some family favorites you’ve tweaked to make them Paleo/Primal friendly, we’d love to hear about them!