About Missing Link Foods

The Passion and People behind the food.

A lifetime food and fitness enthusiast with 20 years of catering and fine dining experience, I have always loved to cook. I have been an athlete all of my life and recognize the value of a healthy diet, which means a lot of time spent in the kitchen cutting, chopping, and cooking fresh food. However, as a husband and father I also know how difficult it is to balance working, cooking healthy meals, spending quality time with my wife and kids, working out, and socializing. Because of some health issues, my wife and I researched the Paleo Diet and were drawn not only to its healthfulness but also to its combinations of bold flavors and interesting ingredients. We felt better and were enjoying new foods, but after our second child was born we struggled to find time to make fresh meals, let alone Paleo meals. My wife started making meals in bulk and freezing them, which enabled us to eat well, even when we didn’t have the time. It was then that I realized we were probably not the only ones trying to keep up with a busy schedule while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In 2013, I decided to combine my work experience with my passion for cooking and a healthy lifestyle, and I started Missing Link Foods.

I believe that health and well-being matter and that it’s a lifestyle choice.

Like my wife’s 92-year-old grandpa, who is a health-food enthusiast and recent cycling retiree, always says, “I want to add life to my years, not years to my life.” It’s not just about lifestyle; it’s about quality of life.

By providing affordable, freshly made, delicious meals, I hope to be the “missing link” that helps people who struggle to find the time to balance their busy lives with eating well. By doing this, I hope to help people enjoy the quality of life that good health affords.